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21-Jul-2017 20:11

In this episode we discuss scary questions, terrible jobs, and solar decathlons. Friends and fellow Head Gum podcasters Laura Lane and Angela Spera stop by to give advice on texting, flirting, and your sex number.

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Use coupon code "jakeandamir" and get a free tie with any purchase: In this episode we discuss nicknames, sex buddies, and how to hit a woman.Comedian, friend, and father Rob Huebel joins us to discuss loud sex, celebrity encounters, and his new show, "Do You Want To See a Dead Body? Check out Rob Huebel in Do You Want to See a Dead Body, 10/21 on You Tube Red.In this special episode we grab Geoffrey James and Head Gum Interns to discuss nectarines, flying, freshmen, basketball, hamburgers, wallets, masturbation, Tinder, showers, swearing, and Los Angeles!Friends and hosts of "Black Men Can't Jump in Hollywood" join us to discuss ghosting, fading away, and unread texts! This episode is brought to you by Skurt, Birk Sun, and Club W! Hosted by Dave & Jeff Rosenberg, and Mike Karnell, "Twinnovation" is another show on the Head Gum network.

If you've never heard their show, this is a good first episode.

Thanks to Reilly, Nic, Saba, Santos, Eagle, Lauren, JIn this episode we discuss pissing style, missing smiles, and kissing piles.