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Major Glenn Miller is a topic that raises some questions.

Can anyone describe or provide film footage, photographs or information about Major Miller performing with his Army Air Force band at Signal Corps Photographic Center?

As you know, a lot of the cameramen brought home their own photos that they took and either never sent for publication or they were rejected for use and they kept.

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If you have any information on possible footage covering or relating to the above, I would greatly appreciate it." Perhaps one of you website visitors can provide a better answer than the APC Webmaster, who wrote, "The unclassified footage accumulated at the Army Pictorial Center or Army Motion Picture Depository is either in the hands of some other section of the Army or else in the National Archives and Records Administration in College Park, Maryland.

He wrote that Get Set Go was contracted by the Armys Recruiting Office to the New York City advertising agency know as Dancer Fitzgerald & Sample. Macaluso or the late-1950s film, "Get Set, Go," is still being sought by Thomas' brother, Joseph Macaluso, Jr.: "My goal is to learn if anyone has knowledge of this show and if there may be any videos or taping of it.

I am inquiring if you have any information on a late 1950's film show produced by the US Army Pictorial Center called 'Get Set, Go.' My brother appeared on Program #9 of this series and I remember it being televised as we were able to watch it live at home. Macaluso played in special services and played the xylophone or marimba for the Army and on the show.

Tidal wave footage Operation Overseas The Big Picture Bruce Hugo Lloyd Battista Bob Craven Gordon A. Major Bryerley 21st Decontamination Chemical Company Mechanized Patrolling Photos from the Philippine Island campaign "Prelude to Taps" World War II cameramen Juanito Becenti Richard Wood Michael Wiater Bill Finger Daniel Boone Hunter and David Drake South Korea Branch of SCPC? Muncher Bastogne Footage 7796th Signal Photo Company Hobby Shop Department of the Army Special Photographic Office Classified Disney film Major H. Wright Johnny Refugee Air Force basic training Larry Frisch Looking for Edmund B. Devan George Cukor Showing training films Chris Mauriello, Sr. John Borske Ohm's Law and the Voltaic Cell Radar warnings and hazards Mason General Hospital William O. Carlton If you have information about any topic, send it in even if the query seems outdated.

Benoit Evolution of the Attack Helicopter Get Set, Go Sperry Gyroscope Company Richard X. Vibo Valenzio Captain Gaetano Faillace M1C Signal officer helmet Alexander J. O'Connell Atomic Warfare Films about Vietnam General Douglas Mac Arthur Who makes training films CPL John E. Woolridge Andrew T Kelley John Wayne Frank Capra Omaha Beach Army Medics Martin Rader Frank T. Your information will help put together a more complete picture of Signal Corps Photographic Center/Army Pictorial Center and the people who served.

Captain Glenn Miller was eventually promoted to Major Glenn Miller around mid- August of 1944.

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